L'Art du Chocolat presents gourmet assorted chocolates made with the purest ingredients.
It's wide range of chocolates offers unexpected emotions and will take you to flavors yet unexplored.
Chocolate bars and other specialities will delight your taste buds,

L'Art du Chocolat will make you discover the real and finest Belgian Chocolates.

Do yourself a favor and discover our complete range.


Crispy Chocolate chips

Crispy Chocolate chips

5 boxes of 36 crispy chocolate chips - 5 different flavors

19.50  € 17.50

Hamlet seashell

Finest seashell assortment - Box of 125g

3.75  € 3.50

Hamlet Seashell Promo bundel

Hamlet Seashell Promo bundel

Hamlet Seashells - 250g per box - 6 boxes for only

45.00  € 30.00